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Who are we looking for?

Sensibility and motivation for creating things
Ability to adapt to various situations.

image FABEST's work environment provides opportunities for each employee to practice his/her special skills. We are looking for those who are self-motivated and can act positively with responsibility.

We seek for those who can maintain "sensibility for production" and "motivation for work". There is no fixed or predetermined path for manufacturing. Creative "sensibility" is inevitable for making the most adequate conclusions from multi-dimensional perspectives.
In the die making industry that has global opportunities, a worldwide evolution is under way. A business must have perspectives for America, Europe, Asia and Africa. FABEST's future relies on those who can contribute globally utilizing technical abilities.

Die making is the essential field of the manufacturing industry. Die making technology necessary for mass production will keep progressing along with technological innovations. Our company is proud to present the top class technology in the industry and has been moving forward targeting "the next generation".
Along with challenges, we have a stable business foundation and ensured profitability. Since the establishment, we have maintained high profitability and never recorded deficits. FABEST has been expanding the business based on stable and solid financial grounds.
Our culture allows employees to express creative ideas. If you are seeking challenges and have creativity, please join FABEST to expand your capability.


Type of Jobs
Designing of dies for automobiles, Large size NC operator, Quality engineering
Sales engineering
Job Description
Die design
Design inner parts of automobiles
3D-CAD:CATIA、Think Design etc.

Large size NC operator
Engage in press die making machine process of double column type machining center by inputting data
(Include NC programming tasks)

Quality engineering
Final process of die manufacturing (check the completed parts)
Quality assurance tasks of stampings

Sales engineering
Engage in sales with domestic and international manufacturers
(Hold meetings with customers, negotiate price)
*Require English proficiency for foreign manufacturers
*Since experienced employees will provide guidance, please feel free to apply.
*conducting a tour of the factory in an interview
Work Location
Headquarters(Uchigashima Ota city Gunma prefecture), Second factory(Wakiya-cho Ota city Gunma prefecture )
2012.4 Based on initial salary
University graduates: 205,000 yen (include allowance for full attendance)
Specialty school/community college graduates: 180,000 yen (include allowance for full attendance)
Salary benefits
Annual pay raise (April), Semi-annual bonus (July and Dec.)
Other pays
Commuting cost, family/Overtime/Title/Full attendance/Meal benefits
Holidays, paid vacation and others
5 working days (Sat. and Sun. off, Sat. work day once or twice in a year)
116 days including end and beginning of a year holidays, golden week, summer vacation, paid vacation, congratulation or condolence leave, special leave
Other benefits
Various social insurances, retirement pay system, recreation facilities, employees savings system
Examples of schools the employees graduated
Gunma University, Chuo University, Tokai University, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Nippon Institute of Technology, Teikyo University, Tokai University, Nihon University, Asia University, The SANNO Institute of Management, Nagano University, Saitama Institute of Technology, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Tokyo Denki University, Toyo University etc.
Selection procedure
Written test (general knowledge), interview
7 minutes from Ota Station by taxi, 17 minutes from Ota Kiryu exit of North Kanto Expressway
60 minutes from Higashi Matsuyama exit of Kanetsu Expressway, 40 minutes from Tatebayashi exit of Tohoku Expressway

[Second factory]
16 minutes from Ota staion by taxi, 23 minutes from Ota Kiryu exit of North Kanto Expressway
23 minutes from Ota Yabutsuka exit of North Kanto Expressway, 76 minutes from Higashi Matsuyama exit of Kanetsu Expressway, 58 minutes from Tatebayashi exit of Tohoku Expressway

Working at FABEST

Sales staff

FABEST's global business

The sales staff does sales activities with customers but technical knowledge is also essential. It is because we interact with a high level of specialty. The ability to speak English and an international business sense are required since we do business with foreign countries.
Design staff

Design engineering utilizing computer technology

Die deisgning creates data to directly operate processing machines by doing 2 and 3 dimensional designing using the latest computer software. We play an important role in the production processes, since designs determine the whole process and productivity.
Quality engineering staff

Press Machines - Large scale equipment that can tryout the actual production of parts

Dies are attached to press machines and manufacture products. We have 800t and 1500t press machines that have large scale progressive dies (PRG) installed in them. Trial manufacturing is possible under a similar environment as the customer's production line. The quality engineering staff plays an important role that is directly associated with die's completeness.

Message from Employee

image I did not have any knowledge about press stamping die when I was looking for a job. When I visited the company, I learned that die is the most fundamental field in the industry. I chose this company, because I wanted the type of job that I could create things and also recognized the high level of engineering capabilities of FABEST.

As many midsize companies do, work descriptions differ depending on departments. If we work in only one field, we end up having a narrow perspective. I first worked in the engineering and trial department for a year, and then worked in 3 dimensional design in the modeling department and simulation, and back to designing. During this time, also I had an opportunity to interact directly with customers as a member of the sales engineering department.

image Though my specialty is designing, the company sent me for language training in the U.S. English is essential for sales since we work with customers from foreign countries. As the designer, I benefit from the knowledge I acquired from the language training and business experiences in the U.S. Working in these different departments, I am very fortunate to learn not only technology but also language skills.

Voice of New Employee

image I joined this company during the "Glacial Period for Finding a Job" (an extremely difficult period of time to find a job due to economic hardships). I was looking for a job at a small or midsize firm that has a high level of engineering capabilities and has established a unique position in this industry. I became interested in FABEST which maintains an innovative position in the die making industry. When I visited the company, I was interviewed directly by the chairman and CEO who were very sincere and I was attracted to their personalities.

After I was employed, I started working for the design department. The knowledge in this department was far more advanced than what I learned in university. Learning from senior employees, I utilized CAD software to develope the basic knowledge of die design. I believe it is most efficient to learn about technology and knowledge while working on actual tasks.

I am currently working to create drawings for 3 dimensional dies using software for 3 dimensional designing on a computer. A subtle line would determine the quality of a die and precision of products. It really motivates me to know that the die I designed will produce thousands of parts.

I was so excited when the first die I ever designed was actually created in the factory and the test trial was conducted with a press machine. What I draw on a computer becomes a die and customers use the die to manufacture products. I was impressed thinking that the die I drew is actually placed in the middle of the huge press machine.

While mastering designing, I would like to be a master in work shop as well since I want to be the one who can create something.
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